There are many Long Vowel patterns.
These have been selected 
as examples of ones frequently used.

For sh, ch, tch, th, nk and ng, the exercises are the same. Box 1 6 pictures for use with yellow and all blue Movable Alphabet
Box 2 6 pictures with color-coded word cards
Box 3 6 pictures with black lettered word cards
For wr, kn, mb, ck, ll, and qu the exercises are the same Box 1 3 pictures with color-coded word cards
Box 2 3 pictures with black lettered word cards
mixed For the mixed boxes, the teacher decides how to group the pictures, keeping color-coded words together and black lettered-words together. It is recommended that not over 15 pictures be placed in each box.

Set 4 — Long Vowels

a a-e tape
ai nail
ay hay
e ee jeep
ea leaf
ey key
y fifty
ie chief
i i-e hide
y sky
igh night
o o-e rope
oa goat
ow now
u u-e cube

Contents of Long Vowel Boxes

cane bay dry white
a-e tape ay hay igh night mixed whale
pane gray light rake
cape tray thigh skate
mane pray fight chimes
vane spary y cry kite
i-e hide ae sea y (i) fry pole
wipe leaf sky vote
twine meat y (e) fifty stone
stripe peach twenty snail
dime bead kitty stream
slide bean candy wheat
o-e rope ee sweep ie shield beach
home feet priest beak
bone bee chief three
robe tree ey key wheel
smoke sleep money teeth
stove jeep honey queen
u-e cube oa goat penny
mule soap puppy
fume coal monkey
cute coat loaf
mute toast boat
fuse foam toad
ai nail ow bow window
pail crow elbow
train bowl shadow
rain mow
braid snow
maid yellow